Use of this website is subject to the following conditions , and is operated by the company Olympus Gaming Network CA and is available for entertainment purposes . By accessing or using this Website , you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

    1. The company Olympus Gaming Newtork CA is an entertainment company in the area Gaming MMORPG which operates 24/7 , 365 days a year, we can nevertheless have technical failure and be offline for some time as our support comes online again server.


    1. You are obliged to read the rules and respect , our work team is obliged to enforce the rules in all its categories, are whatever the case, you are donating or not, that does not mean that no being possible to apply appropriate sanctions .


    1. Our Website has the right to keep your personal information safe , your security is our priority tools , for that matter any GM should provide data for any account, you also must sumistrar your password to GM , if donations u / or problems just ask yourself the ID . Only you are responsible for your account , your information , if you pay your bill and you stay stolen stolen because it is their fault, not the fault of Olympus equipment .


    1. As your account, your items should be your priority , you are solely responsible for keeping their items on your own, if you pay some items and steals his fault , we can give the person banned but we will to return the item / items as it was your fault , you should be aware that our work team is constantly evolving and we get down to hunt stolen items we generate a time-consuming addition to our work.


    1. This server is subject to change if so decided by the Olympus Team , we will always seek balance and equality within the server , and eliminate any threat we have about server stability , economy or gameplay.


    1. The Olympus team can hold its own if it is under investigation scammer / hack / cheats etc , however to retain your account must explain the reasons for doing so, the GM should contact you and explain what is happening in order to have better communication between the Company and its users.


    1. The server is completely free , donating is not an obligation you can play our server for free, however there are methods donation to the person who want to advance faster in the server, this user has nothing special or privilege beside the other , in our work team believe in equality , in the effort everyone to get their items or move within the server , for that reason any GM / GA can help anyone with " items / Level " or some user special treatment


  1. The Olympus team makes fun event not to disturb or stress to the players, it is up to the GM / GA tell which event do , no user may require a member of Team ghost any specific event for their own benefit.

The terms and conditions may be changed without notice if so decided by the Olympus equipment , not having knowledge of these terms does not imply that can breaching it .