Rules are created to be fulfilled in every aspect, the whole Team ghost is in the obligation to enforce rules to keep the community happy, the idea is not abuse of power by the Staff, it is to apply the sanction depends on the each lack by the Player.

These rules may be changed at any time, you have an obligation to be aware of the rules updates. We have 3 types of sanctions for those who break the rules, this depends on the severity of their actions inside and outside the game.


We have 3 levels of rules, each with a different sanction:

This sanction applies to the following causes:
  • Insult other players of the game
  • Insult in Global / Global Chat
  • Discrimination to other players for their religion or culture
  • Mocking an inappropriate person
  • Insult to ghost Team
  • Sabotage a PVP / Uniques / etc event
  • Guild Name / inappropriate User
  • Spam continuous in populated area

Those who have three warning, then have a temporary Banning the case depends.

This punishment can be given by the following causes with a time (2 days to 30 days):
  • Using buffer (Bard) in the FTW, Job temple, new unique spawm.
  • Insult of any matter, Team ghost can give temporary
  • Abusing multiclients ingame (Max 3 IP)
  • Use Multiclient in FTW (Just 1 IP only is allowed)
  • Abusing CTF getting several Char for cheating
  • Use buff other players in pvp area (each player must give his buff pvp)
  • Put in new unique BOT

This punishment can be given by the following causes:
  • Impersonating members of Team ghost
  • Use any tool for altering the server or take advantage among users
  • Impersonating another player under a false name
  • Disseminate information about our work without test equipment
  • Sell gold / items with real money
  • Trying to fool our team with false information about his hacked to get items / gold
  • Mentioning other worlds in the game is forbidden
  • Second time use multiclient (Over 3 IP) will be banned and IP blocked.

After user banned permanently, not be able to play more, you will never remove the Banned Account or unblock the IP, it will be a decision taken by the whole team "ghost"

There is No Refund For Any Donation Happen once you receive the order u can't Refund your Money 

P.D: to make a complaint should take screenshot, or else you will have a warning for defaming another user.